Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a website

Getting D'anna from next door to help with the store's website.  What a treat as she knows all about architecture.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Albert Ortega

This proved more difficult than I imagined, getting Albert Ortega to come and play.  He actually cancelled yesterday but after talking a bit on the phone he decided to "get on board".  I told him I wasn't trying to guilt-trip him into doing it but I had sent out some notifications but they could all be nullified with a couple of simple postings.  Albert stated that he just wasn't feeling right about doing any shows without a vehicle of transport at his disposal.  I can somewhat relate.  Recently I had some issues with my Sprinter; first the transmission which I had some guy from my kids' school attempt to fix.  Hundreds of dollars later and it was still leaking.  Took it to a local station and they were able to get it done but that was another $400.  Then the normal check-up at the dealership and although I called ahead of time they seemed unprepared when I got there.  I went to pick it up and the brakes hadn't been done, nor the AM on my radio.  Took it back to the place that did the transmission but the person running the station was different and although he said he could get the part he didn't seem capable of doing it.  This after I'd left my van twice overnight, riding my bike to and fro.  Finally got it done in SoPas at Larry's Union but again, the bicycle rides were numerous.  I do like riding, though.  Some of my best ideas come from doing so.

But, to see a little of Albert before you come to hear him tonight live at The Battery Books & Music at 1005B Mission St in South Pasadena, check out:

Albert Ortega at Tonalism pt. 2/5

 starts at 8pm.  


In the meantime I'll be preparing and then acting as chauffer for the evening.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Tracy McMullen Trio this Saturday

There were two shoots in the vicinity today so there was a lack of parking but who wold have thought that that would lead to more sales? I think this was due to the workers on site coming in on break. Fun bunch. I'm still getting over the So Pas 1981 high school reunion that occurred on Saturday. Speaking of Saturday, this coming one (the 6th of August) we're hosting the Tracy McMullen Trio. I've enjoyed watching this on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vs-lQ90zE6g&feature=related

It's Part 2 of 4.

Heirloom has expanded their weekend hours but Great Harvest has reduced theirs. My feeling is that Heirloom will benefit from this. The neighborhood residents want more opportunities for late-night shopping and hanging. At least during the summer.

Sunday the 14th Albert Ortega will be here. I'll post again before then.

Monday, July 4, 2011

soon, fireworks

I love quotes of people as they walk by such as "It's just a bookstore."  Too bad more businesses aren't open.  Radhika, sure, and they look pretty busy because PEOPLE WANT TO GO PLACES ON THEIR DAYS OFF.  Wish SoPas would figure that out.  And wouldn't it be great if The Rialto were open?  Here's something from Patch in regards to this: http://southpasadena.patch.com/questions/what-is-the-present-status-of-the-rialto-theater

So, this Thursday we have The Brad Dutz Quartet at 7 or so until about 9 or so, pm.  Some of his music can be heard here: http://www.myspace.com/braddutz.  I really like his music and I've seen and played a lot of it. This is a quartet of Jim Sullivan on bass clarinet, Paul Sherman on oboe and English horn, Chris Votek on cello, and Brad Dutz on marimba and percussion. 

Anyway, Wendy Carlos on the turntable, The Well-Tempered Synthesizer, when she used to be Walter, someone looking at a Roman Coins book, our neighbors from Alhambra just left with a stack, someone just scored from the free box, and a breeze is finally blowing through....

Thursday, June 30, 2011

classical breakdancing

Some guy named Alvaro is in our foyer with lots of children showing breakdancing moves while his iPod plays Beethoven, the 5th, first mvt., at the moment.

Just put out a bunch of Japanese records from the 1960s.

A kid shows one of mine the lotus position.  Lots, obviously, going on.

But, sadly, I can't see the neighbors appreciating this.  It's just too loud.  Probably just the way Ludwig van liked it.  It has also cleared the store of customers which is never a good thing.  

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ben Rosenbloom's Group tomorrow night (that's Sunday the 26th)

Someone actually paid me back in full for a loan I made in December.  I guess I should feel good but maybe I celebrated too much last night. 

Ben Rosenbloom is the next musical guest.  I think he's got a quartet and it's kind of jazzy, kind of free jazzy.  Let's see what happens.  Starts at 8.

Reading Sideways by Rex Pickett and so far I've got a few favorite lines:

"'The Internet is a dark road to infinity potholed with links,' I opined.  'For a writer, it's like shitting where you eat.'"

"All around us, open fields of resplendent heather pastured daydreaming livestock chewing their cuds in the lazy mid-afternoon sun."

Why does that remind me of Fitzgerald?  It probably shouldn't.

Funny how the internet is capitalized.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Riner Scivally this Thursday

It's the first week of summer vacation and boy am I exhausted!  But I've taught the kids how to use Netflix streaming on the Wii.  That should come in handy as the season progresses.  Back at the store, we have a duo of musical talent on Thursday the 16th starting at around 5:30.  They start a little earlier than most on the day of the farmers' market.  Riner Scivally with Lorenzo Grassi, both on guitars. 

As far as books go I've been a little concerned about the future.  I mean, sales have been okay; our average is up but I'm concerned about what happens when our lease ends in another three years.  Sure wish we had more understanding landlords.  Like, why is it that they have to raise the monthly 3% every year no matter what?

A recent incident has prompted me to remind people that our hold policy is for one week only.  There's just not enough space on the shelf.  Isn't a week ample enough time to bum money from someone?

Alright, time to bring in the carts.

Oh, one more thing: Guy Bennett and Linda Lay will be doing a poetry reading on Sunday the 19th at 4pm, each reading for about 20 minutes.  Find out more about each of them at http://www.guybennett.com/# and/or http://www.lindalay.com/ .